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About us

All RV Mobile Weighing is a new mobile business in the Newcastle and Hunter region servicing as far South as Sydney and North up to Taree. 

Being mobile allows us to give you a personal & specialised service &  in most cases without you having to leave home. 

Our simple & accurate reporting outlines in detail by our specialised staff exactly  what your Caravan or trailer weighs. 

No job is to big or to small. We also specialise in the weighing of Horse floats, motor homes, 4WD's and off road vehicles also boats & trailers and down to race cars, go karts. 

Why is it important to have your veichle/Trailor weighed

The majority of Caravans travelling around Australia today are very close to or over their allowed towing limits. 

People need to know the limits of their van. Did you know that a family 4WD  all packed up with the accessories available today could potentially put your vehicle over the legal limit.

People need to be aware of their GVM, ATM, GTM & Gross Combined Mass. 


About Barry Collins

Close to 40 years in the motor industry & spending a lifetime of caravanning around the country on holidays with his family. 

Having spent years working in the Caravan industry for manufacturers and dealers I have seen the trends change with new legislations implemented. The natural progression of Caravans has seen them going bigger and better with more accessories fitted. With all these extras  people are heading towards being overweight & not realising it.

This in turn leaves the owner open to insurance and police issues. 

We often have experiences where families are packed and ready to go on holidays have their rigs weighed to make sure they are compliant before they leave.  


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Email: bazaallrvmw@gmail.com

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